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Sugar Free Blueberry Compote Recipe

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I know what you’re thinking ‘yeah, yeah, great idea in theory but who actually has time to make a sugar free blueberry compote recipe on a Tuesday when they have to rush out the door for work’ well you do, that’s who! The beauty of this compote is that it takes the exact amount of time that your microwave needs to zap your porridge, meaning that all you need for this recipe is less than 3 mins, a handful of blueberries, some chia seeds and a lemon.

Sugar Free Blueberry Compote Recipe – Ingredients – Serves 1

Small handful of blueberries, about 65 grams
1 Tablespoon of fresh lemon juice
1/2 Tablespoon of chia seeds
1 Tablespoon of water

Sugar Free Blueberry Compote Recipe – Method 

Set your stove top/hob to a high heat.
In a small pan, pour in the lemon juice, water and blueberries.
After about 30 seconds, the blueberries will start to soften. Gentle press down on them with a spatula or the back of a spoon until they burst. All in all, you will need to have the berries in the pan for about 2 mins, this ensures they are nice and warm and the right texture.
Remove from the pan and stir in the chia seeds. Pour over your porridge and enjoy!

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