Not So Obvious Sugars: How to Read Food Labels

Not So Obvious Sugars: How to Read Food Labels

A big part of cutting out or reducing refined sugars is learning how to read commercial food labels. To begin with, I thought that so long as the label didn’t have the word ‘sugar’ on it, I was good to go.

Unfortunately it’s not always that obvious.

Reading commercial food labels can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Use the below list of common sweeteners to help you when you do your next food shop. 

This is a naturally occurring sugar.

This is your everyday, white, sparkly table sugar.

Corn Syrup
Don’t let the word ‘corn’ fool you into thinking this is the same as a natural sugar. Corn Syrup is a type of syrup which is made from corn starch with added chemicals.

Dextrose is glucoses’ cousin which is taken from starches, I know, appetizing. Often used as a preservative, it can be found in some pretzels and frozen fries.

Another chemical syrup made from corn which is used as a sweetener.

Once you have been reading labels for just a short while, you will get to know what ingredients to look out for. For me, each time I went shopping it was a little easier.

Not So Obvious Sugars: How to Read Labels

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Not So Obvious Sugars: How to Read Food Labels
Article by Michaella Mazzoni

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